We have dedicated space in 18 Tonne and 23 Tonne VPUs and 4 Tonne SLRs attached with Prime Express trains, which cover major trunk routes PAN India. We also have access to the Indian Railways’ Millenium Express which contains 22 VPUs of 18-23 Tonnes capacity each and 2 SLRs of 4 Tonnes capacity each.

We have a customized Rail Container Service tie up with CONCOR which includes first mile and last mile road transportation also. These CONCOR trains have capacities of 90 containers of 20 feet each with weight carrying capacities of 18 tons, 23 tons & 27 tons.

Our services are cost-effective, and are also highly efficient and time-bound.

Customised Services

  • Door to Train station
  • Train station to Door
  • Station to Station
  • Door-to-Door